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— bridge — team

An application service gateway from for bridging between IRC networks and Matrix, written using matrix-appservice-node. You can get the code on GitHub.

Supports dynamically bridging IRC channels on demand, synchronised user-lists, and other goodness.


— bot, bridge — Ryan Rix

Connect to RSS and Twitter feeds via Ryan Rix's feedbot!

Check it out from Ryan's git repo


— bridge — LeoNerd

Note: This project is now deprecated in favor of the native Gitter bridge

This project bridges Gitter to Matrix, via the AS API on the Matrix side, and a Gitter user on the Gitter side.

Get it from github.

✗ 1:1 Chats
✓ Group Chats
✗ Files
✗ Formatted Messages
✗ History
✗ Read Receipts
✗ Typing notifications

When using Riot on, you can enable Gitter integration per-room. Click the “Manage Integrations” (four squares) button at the top of the page.


— bridge — Half-Shot

This project bridges Discord to Matrix via the Application API.

Plain Text
Formatted Messages
Presence (Discord Matrix only)
Typing notifications (Discord Matrix only)
Puppeting ( Can configure to puppet via a script)
Group/1:1 Chats

You can self host matrix-appservice-discord in order to bridge your rooms from Discord, it is also available from at


— bridge — exul

This is an application service that bridges Matrix to Rocket.Chat, written in Rust.

Find it on GitHub.


— bridge — Keyvan Fatehi

This is a Matrix bridge for Apple iMessage. It connects your homeserver to

Find the source on GitHub.

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