Mage is a set of Ansible roles are constructed around LXD containers and Ubuntu. Mage may support other Guest-OS distros on a nice-to-have basis in the following order: Gentoo (because its cool), Debian (because its easy to migrate to), CentOS/Rhel (because Ansilbe is cool). No other distribution support is planned.

The matrix container sports the mage.matrix-stack role consisting of:

  • matrix-synapse (matrix server listening on ports 8448 and 8008)
  • riot-web (glossy web client / frontend to the matrix-synapse server - static webapp written in js)
  • coturn (turn server listening on ports 3478, 3479)
  • postgres (storage for matrix-synapse)
  • nginx (serving riot-web, listening on port 80)

and expects a proxy/loadbalancer sitting infront of it (this is provided by the container below)


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