mxisd is a federated Matrix Identity Server for self-hosted Matrix servers with enhanced features.

It provides the following features for your Matrix Homeserver:

  • Link to an already existing Identity store - No more duplication of data that would already be in your AD/LDAP, forums, CRM, etc.
  • Link to the central Matrix Identity servers ( & to provide native experience
  • Search people by name (or anything else!), looking in your Identity store and your homeserver (integration with Directory API)
  • Invite people by e-mail, phone number, etc. instead of Matrix IDs
  • Show who’s using Matrix and their ID on your smartphone when looking to invite people to a Direct chat or Group chat
  • Allow people to link identifiers (e-mail, phone number) to their Matrix account to be locally or globally searchable
  • Provide an all-in-one authentication integration

mxisd is is an implementation of the Identity Service API which provides an alternative to sydent with much added value and features.

Come talk to us on Matrix at!

Follow the progress and grab the code from GitHub.


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