Various tools for maintaining a matrix synapse chat server


Cleans a synapse Postgres database of deleted messages and abandoned rooms.

Deleted Messages

If a message was sent in matrix and is then deleted (or redacted in technical parlance) it is not displayed but it is not removed from the server either. This script removes it.

Abandoned Rooms

If a room has been joined by someone on your homeserver but currently nobody on your homeserver is using it, this script will remove all traces of that room. NOTE: It will cause the room to disappear from people’s “historical” section of old rooms. This can improve performance significantly.

Using this script

This script should be run from the command line while synapse server is stopped.

psql -Umatrix synapse < synapse_janitor.sql

Allows easy backup of a matrix postgres database by dumping it to a compressed file.

Script which starts up synapse if it is not running. NOTE: This is configured for a matrix server which has the synchrotron worker enabled, if you do not use the synchrotron, just comment the block at the bottom.

Using these scripts

The startloop and the dumper are appropriate for use in crontab:

* * * * * /home/matrix/synapse_scripts/ 2>&1 >>/home/matrix/synapse_startloop.log 0 3 * * * /home/matrix/synapse_scripts/ 2>&1 >>/home/matrix/synapse_dumper.log


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