Name Synapse
Project Type server
Description homeserver
Author team
Maturity Beta
Language Python
License Apache-2.0
Matrix Room’s reference server – Synapse:

To install, first take a look at Installing Synapse

You can use the matrix-docker-ansible-deploy to easily install Synapse and related dependencies using pre-build Ansible playbooks and docker images.

Apt repo:

Docker image matrixdotorg/synapse is built using docker/Dockerfile

ArchLinux package from Ivan Shapovalov:

There is a FreeBSD package port available as net-im/py-matrix-synapse/.

Synapse is also on the Open Build Service.

Synapse is available for the Nix package manager.

You can get Synapse on Yunohost

Synapse is available in the FreedomBox distribution (version 0.14.0 or later).

There is also a handy spreadsheet to calculate HDD space for your Synapse instance.

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