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Open Tech Will Save Us

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Open Tech Will Save Us is a virtual meetup, taking the form of a monthly live video stream broadcasting on the second Wednesday of every month at 5pm UTC.

We discuss issues relating to technology, especially the importance of Open, Interoperable standards, and how they can enable decentralised tech to keep our data private while still enabling communication.

Next Event

14th October 2020

  • Holger and Karissa, representing DeltaChat, and Matthew from Matrix, will hold robust discussions on the subject of Open Tech: will it save us? Surely Open Tech can be used for all kinds of bad things? They will also discuss how Matrix and Delta Chat's approaches differ technically and organisationally.
  • Dendrite, a next generation Matrix homeserver written in Go, has entered beta. Join Kegan, from the team, to find out the state of the project and why we're all excited about it again.
  • David Jacovkis ( from femProcomuns ( will present, a videoconf service operated by coops. He'll discuss the challenges and opportunities of this approach for the sustainability of Free and Open Source projects.

Previous Events

Edition 6: 9th September 2020

Event #6 was held on 9th September 2020. Watch the recording here.

  • Ag3m, from La Quadrature du Net will join us to present "Some thoughts on moderation and censorship in a decentralised world" .
    As a member at LQDN for three years and a volunteer for more than that, Ag3m cofounded a queer feminist hackerspace in Paris called le Reset.
  • Sean DuBois (Sean-Der,, WebRTC-knower and author of WebRTC for the Curious will discuss his recent work in the space.
  • Damir Jelić presented the latest news on the Matrix Rust SDK

Edition 5: 12th August 2020

Event #5 was held on 12th August 2020. Watch the recording here.

  • Jonathan Beri, known Maker of Things ( @[email protected]) will be presenting Making it easier to make Things: WebAssembly and the Internet of Things
    WebAssembly is moving beyond the browser - but is it ready for IoT apps and tiny embedded devices? Yes...ish. In this talk, learn about the state of running Wasm on embedded devices and what's left to solve.
  • Matthew Petry from Pine64 ( ) presents his experience with running Synapse on RockPro64 cluster, plus some thoughts on his time with Pine64!
  • Nad from Element dives into the recent rebrand, in which he worked to combine three brands into one, all while working to maintain a strong identity - highly recommended for Design and Product nerds fans

Edition 4: 8th July 2020

Event #4 was held on 8th July 2020. Watch the recording here.

Edition 3: 10th June 2020

Event #3 was held on 10th June 2020. Watch the recording here.

  • rabble , who has worked on a whole lot of things, will be discussing Planetary, his in-beta Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) venture!
  • Annie Elequin , creator of Ditto Chat will discuss her work to produce great UX in an Open Source messenger with React Native.
  • Our very own Erik Johnson will give an overview of the recent sharding work being done to improve Synapse performance. Users of the homeserver may have already seen these benefits!

Edition 2: 13th May 2020

Event #2 was held on 13th May 2020. Watch the recording here.

  • Mike Hoye from Mozilla will be talking about "Verbs in the fediverse"
  • Eugen ( @[email protected] ) will talk about "how we keep running at scale" as a Q&A
  • ... and a new VIP tour of Dendrite, the next-gen Matrix Homeserver!

Edition 1: 8th April 2020

Event #1 was held on 8th April 2020. Watch the recording here.

  • Matthew Hodgson technical co-founder of to introduce and speak about the importance of decentralisation and privacy
  • Saúl Ibarra Corretgé from Jitsi on the rapid growth they've experienced since the start of the 2020 crisis
  • David Dias from IPFS IPFS introducing gossipsub in libp2p, including the security hardening work that they've been putting into v1.1!
  • Valère , from Matrix and Riot , who will present the importance of UX and cross-signing keys in end-to-end encrypted communications.

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