Hi all,

There's been loads of work going on in various branches on Synapse (federation_authorization and event_signing) as we land the final features needed for Synapse to be used in production as a Matrix reference server.  Meanwhile the iOS demo client and SDK has been coming on leaps and bounds too over at https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-ios-sdk.

However, stuff has also been happening on the main Synapse development branch too, and we've just released 0.4.2 onto master for lots of various goodies - see release notes below.

Please upgrade your homeservers and play with the new client - the new JSON viewing/editing features are particularly useful and interesting for powerusers and developers!


Changes in synapse 0.4.2 (2014-10-31)


  • Fix bugs where we did not notify users of correct presence updates.
  • Fix bug where we did not handle sub second event stream timeouts.


  • Add ability to click on messages to see JSON.
  • Add ability to redact messages.
  • Add ability to view and edit all room state JSON.
  • Handle incoming redactions.
  • Improve feedback on errors.
  • Fix bugs in mobile CSS.
  • Fix bugs with desktop notifications.

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