We're really excited to release the biggest update yet to Synapse (the python/twisted reference Matrix homeserver implementation) - version 0.5.0 is out!

This effectively concludes our alpha testing phase - Synapse's security model is now feature complete and we are now cautiously encouraging people to run their own Synapse installation on the 'net; federate up; and help us squash all and any bugs as we get beta testing.

Synapse 0.5.0 has huge database schema changes from previous versions as we have landed both the event-signing and federation-authorisation branches and so added full cryptographic signing of all matrix events and unified the client-server and server-server model of events/PDUs.  As a result, migrating history is Hard - we recommend a clean start if possible; if not, come talk to us in #matrix:matrix.org.  UPGRADE.rst has the details.

The full changelog is as per below - please upgrade your homeserver or install a new one if you're new here and join Matrix and help us create a robust open distributed messaging fabric for the web!

Changes in synapse 0.5.0 (2014-11-19)
This release includes changes to the federation protocol and client-server API
that is not backwards compatible.

This release also changes the internal database schemas and so requires servers to drop their current history. See UPGRADES.rst for details.


  • Add authentication and authorization to the federation protocol. Events are now signed by their originating homeservers.
  • Implement the new authorization model for rooms.
  • Split out web client into a separate repository: matrix-angular-sdk.
  • Change the structure of PDUs.
  • Fix bug where user could not join rooms via an alias containing 4-byte UTF-8 characters.
  • Merge concept of PDUs and Events internally.
  • Improve logging by adding request ids to log lines.
  • Implement a very basic room initial sync API.
  • Implement the new invite/join federation APIs.


  • The webclient has been moved to a separate repository.