Crazy session tonight at 5pm UK time (12 Noon Eastern Time; 9AM Pacific) on VUC as Matrix, Truphone and Jitsi were crazy enough to hack a federated demo in 48h!

Join us live for the demo from the inside by using Matrix to attend the conference (see steps below)! No browser supporting WebRTC at hand but still willing to play with Matrix? You can also follow the chatroom (bridged to IRC) by entering

For other connection means:

Steps to join the call from Matrix:
  1. Register on Matrix from Chrome if not already done :)
  2. Start a chat with by entering the ID in the appropriate textfield at the bottom of the public rooms list on and click on "Message User"
  3. In the chat room start a voice call by clicking on the mic icon in the top right corner. Don't forget to allow your browser to access your mic and speakerphones!

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