Since we exited alpha and released Synapse 0.5.0 last week there's been a flurry of bug fix releases as we ran around firefighting some of the more exciting problems which popped up thanks to merging the federation-auth and event-signing branches.

We released 0.5.3a on Nov 27, which seems to now be pretty stable - if you were holding off on upgrading your homeserver and trying to federate with the new 0.5 release branch, now would be a great time to press the button!

Most excitingly, we believe we have finally fixed the PyNaCL dependency problems which have plagued pretty much anyone setting up a homeserver. This was a problem in PyNaCL itself - huge thanks to Mark for hunting it down and sending the PyNaCL team pull requests to get it fixed. As a result, installing synapse as of 0.5.3a really should be a one-liner at last (please let us know if it isn't!):

pip install --user --process-dependency-links

The full changelog of what's been going on since 0.5.0 is as follows:

Changes in synapse 0.5.3a (2014-11-27)
  • Depend on a fixed version of PyNaCL
  • Fix bug that caused joining a remote room to fail if a single event was not signed correctly.
  • Fix bug which caused servers to continuously try and fetch events from other servers.

Changes in synapse 0.5.2 (2014-11-26)

  • Fix major bug that caused rooms to disappear from people's initial sync.

Changes in synapse 0.5.1 (2014-11-26)

See UPGRADES.rst for specific instructions on how to upgrade.

  • Fix bug where we served up an Event that did not match its signatures.
  • Fix regression where we no longer correctly handled the case where a homeserver receives an event for a room it doesn't recognise (but is in.)