The website is the public face of the Foundation, and the first thing you stumble upon when looking up “matrix chat” on a search engine. It’s a very important step in people’s Matrix journey.

A lot of thought has been put into making a website that talks to the various audiences visiting it, but we still have a lot of room for improvement!

The website is only maintained by community member MTRNord in a volunteer way, and part-time by me, Thib. We could use an extra pair of hands or two, but to make the most of people’s desire to help we need to let them know where they can have the most impact depending on their skill set, and how we can accept their help!

We did a small scale pilot of Website Office Hours on Tuesday 20. We gathered in an Element Call to talk, review PRs and issues, and merge/fix them! It looked like a form of peer programming since I (Thib) was sharing my Github and VSCode windows while working on the site, and we discussed it. A few people came by, and gave feedback about the format.

We are happy to launch the Website Office Hours, on Thursdays every other week at 16:00 UTC / 17:00 CET! starting next week on Thursday 29. You can join the where all the fun happens. We will embed Element Call in the website room as well, but you can join the Call directly if you’re not interested in the chat. MTRNord and myself will sit in that call and monitor that room for one hour, browsing and prioritising issues of the website, and actually working on it.

Come and contribute to Matrix. Get involved, grow your skills, and make the world a better place with us!

The Foundation needs you

The Foundation is a non-profit and only relies on donations to operate. Its core mission is to maintain the Matrix Specification, but it does much more than that.

It maintains the homeserver and hosts several bridges for free. It fights for our collective rights to digital privacy and dignity.

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