The Foundation is happy to launch the first Matrix Conference, this September 19th to 22nd in Berlin, Germany, at Mitosis Labs! Click on the picture bellow to learn more!

An picture with an abstract background made of lines, and the matrix conference logo that looks like the regular matrix logo.

Building on the success of the Matrix Community Summit, the Foundation is joining forces with the Summit team to open the conference to wider audiences. This is the event that policy makers, public and private sector leaders, open source enthusiasts, and technologists attend to share knowledge and learn what’s next in the decentralised and secure communications sector.

This is THE gathering place for hackers, project managers, digital sovereignty leaders and innovators. With several tracks covering everything from sovereignty & collaboration in the public sector to digital rights and advocacy, all profiles will find content for their interest. Outside of the tracks there will be plenty of time and space to get to know others from the ecosystem and exchange ideas.

The conference will happen from September 19th to 22nd at Mitosis Labs, in Berlin.

  • Thursday 19 will be a BarCamp: an informal workshop-like day where attendees can join, pitch a topic they want to discuss, and vote for topics they have an interest in. This event, taken from and organised by the Community Summit team, is the ideal place to warm up for the conference and meet others in the ecosystem.
  • Friday 20 and Saturday 21 will be the two core conference days. With several tracks on a variety of topics like Matrix in the public sector, Trust & Safety, interoperability, data sovereignty, performance, and new use cases… Everyone will find a talk they want to attend.
  • Sunday 22 will be dedicated to sprints. Those are sessions where the various attendees can gather to start working together on ideas that emerged during the conference in a more relaxed atmosphere.

We are doing our best to make the event as inclusive as possible. The ticket price is kept as low as possible, and we will rely on an honour system to allow people who can’t afford it to get a free ticket. Regular tickets will start at €50, a €100 premium ticket will get you limited edition merch, and we plan €350 business tickets for organisations willing to support us.

Further, we are taking care to make sure the event venue is accessible, dietary requirements are satisfied, and to implement a robust Health & Safety policy alongside our Code of Conduct.

For more information about the venue, health & safety policy, sponsorship packages and more, please visit The Matrix Conference Website.

In the meantime, you can submit your talk, workshop and sprint proposals on We’re interested in short (20min + 10min Q&A) or long (45min + 10min Q&A) talks on all the topics related to Matrix. Please submit your proposals before Wednesday 26 June 2024 09:59 AM AOE, 23:59 CEST (Berlin time).

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