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This Week in Matrix 2020-01-17

This Week in Matrix 2020-01-10

Synapse 1.8.0 released

This Week in Matrix 2020-01-03

On Privacy versus Freedom

Synapse 1.7.3 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-12-27

The 2019 Matrix Holiday Update!

This Week in Matrix 2019-12-20

Synapse 1.7.2 released

Welcoming Mozilla to Matrix!

Synapse 1.7.1 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-12-13

Synapse 1.7.0 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-12-06

Zipped Hoodies Now Available

This Week in Matrix 2019-11-29

Synapse 1.6.0 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-11-22

This Week in Matrix 2019-11-15

Avoiding unwelcome visitors on private Matrix servers

Client-server r0.6.0 and Identity Service r0.3.0 releases

This Week in Matrix 2019-11-08

Fun and games with certificate transparency logs

This Week in Matrix 2019-11-01

Synapse 1.5.0 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-10-26

This Week in Matrix 2019-10-18

Synapse 1.4.1 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-10-11

New Vector raises $8.5M to accelerate Matrix/Riot/Modular

This Week in Matrix 2019-10-04

matrix-appservice-slack bridge 1.0 is here!

Synapse 1.4.0 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-09-27

Privacy improvements in Synapse 1.4 and Riot 1.4

This Week in Matrix 2019-09-20

Qt-based clients end-to-end encryption support -- final report (GSoC 2019)

This Week in Matrix 2019-09-13

Dendrite development final report (GSoC 2019)

Matrix Visualisations final report (GSoC 2019)

This Week in Matrix 2019-09-06

This Week in Matrix 2019-08-30

This Week in Matrix 2019-08-23

Synapse 1.3.1 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-08-16

Synapse 1.3.0 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-08-09

Official Matrix Merch Now Available

This Week in Matrix 2019-08-02

This Week in Matrix 2019-07-26

Critical Security Update - Synapse 1.2.1 released

Synapse 1.2.0 released

Data Portability Tooling Bug

This Week in Matrix 2019-07-19

Privacy Changes to New Vector Identity Servers

5-user Matrix homeserver hosting now available from Modular

This Week in Matrix 2019-07-12

This Week in Matrix 2019-07-05

Synapse 1.1.0 released

Usage of matrix-nio (Python Sans IO)

Tightening up privacy in Matrix

This Week in Matrix 2019-06-28

This Week in Matrix 2019-06-21

This Week in Matrix 2019-06-14

Introducing Matrix 1.0 and the Foundation

Synapse 1.0.0 released

This Week in Matrix 2019-06-07

This Week in Matrix 2019-05-31

Synapse released

This Week in Matrix 2019-05-24

Final countdown to 1.0

Synapse released!

This Week in Matrix 2019-05-17

Synapse 0.99.4 released!

This Week in Matrix 2019-05-10

Post-mortem and remediations for Apr 11 security incident

Welcome to the 2019 GSoC Participants!

This Week in Matrix 2019-05-03

Security updates: Sydent 1.0.3, Synapse and Riot/Android 0.9.0 / 0.8.99 / 0.8.28a

This Week in Matrix 2019-04-26

This Week in Matrix 2019-04-18

Security Update: Sydent 1.0.2

We have discovered and addressed a security breach. (Updated 2019-04-12)

Synapse: Deprecating Postgres 9.4 and Python 2.x

This Week in Matrix 2019-04-05

Synapse 0.99.3 released!

This Week in Matrix 2019-03-29

This Week in Matrix 2019-03-22

Matrix 1.0 - Are We Ready Yet?

This Week in Matrix 2019-03-15

Breaking the 100bps barrier with Matrix, meshsim & coap-proxy

This Week in Matrix 2019-03-08

Experiments with payments over Matrix

Synapse 0.99.2 released!

This Week in Matrix 2019-03-01

Bridging Matrix with WhatsApp running on a VM

This Week in Matrix 2019-02-22

Welcome to Matrix, KDE!

This Week in Matrix 2019-02-15

Publishing the Backend Roadmap

Synapse Released!

This Week in Matrix 2019-02-08

Synapse 0.99.0

Matrix at FOSDEM 2019

This Week in Matrix 2019-02-01

This Week in Matrix 2019-01-25

This Week in Matrix 2019-01-18

Ben's favourite projects 2018

Further details on Critical Security Update in Synapse affecting all versions prior to 0.34.1 (CVE-2019-5885)

This Week in Matrix 2019-01-11

Critical Security Update: Synapse

This Week in Matrix 2019-01-04

This Week in Matrix 2018-12-28

The 2018 Matrix Holiday Special!

Porting Synapse to Python 3

This Week in Matrix 2018-12-21

Synapse 0.34.0 released!

This Week in Matrix 2018-12-14

This Week in Matrix 2018-12-07

This Week in Matrix 2018-11-30

This Week in Matrix 2018-11-26

Synapse 0.33.9 is here!

Client-Server APIs

This Week in Matrix 2018-11-16

This Week in Matrix 2018-11-09

User Experience Preview: End-to-end encryption

This Week in Matrix 2018-11-02

Synapse v0.33.8 is here!

Introducing the Foundation (Part 1 of 2)

This Week in Matrix 2018-10-26

Olm 3.0.0 released!

Modular: the world’s first Matrix homeserver hosting provider!

This Week in Matrix 2018-10-19

Synapse 0.33.7 released!

Usage of the matrix-js-sdk

This Week in Matrix 2018-10-12

The story of Giveth’s new Matrix chatbot

This Week in Matrix 2018-10-05

Synapse 0.33.6 released!

This Week in Matrix 2018-09-28

Synapse released!

This Week in Matrix 2018-09-21

This Week in Matrix 2018-09-14

Synapse 0.33.4 released!

This Week In Matrix 2018-09-07

Critical Security Update: Synapse

Pre-disclosure: Upcoming critical security fix for Synapse

Recent website improvements

Matrix Spec Update August 2018

This Week in Matrix 2018-08-31

So long Half-Shot, thanks for all the bridges

This Week in Matrix 2018-08-24

Synapse 0.33.3 Released

This Week in Matrix 2018-08-17

This Week in Matrix 2018-08-10

Synapse 0.33.2 is here!

This Week in Matrix 2018-08-03

Security update: Synapse 0.33.1

GSOC: Implementing End-to-End Encryption in the Matrix Python SDK

Dendrite Progress Update

This Week in Matrix 2018-07-27

This Week in Matrix 2018-07-20

Synapse 0.33.0 is here!!

This Week in Matrix 2018-07-13

Security update: Synapse 0.32.0

This Week in Matrix 2018-07-05

This Week in Matrix 2018-06-29

This Week In Matrix 2018-06-22

Towards open governance for

Security update: Synapse 0.31.2

Synapse 0.31.1 Released!

This Week in Matrix 2018-06-08

Synapse v0.31.0 released!

This Week in Matrix 2018-06-01 homeserver privacy policy and terms of use being enforced today


This Week in Matrix 2018-05-25

Synapse v0.30.0 released today!

Synapse 0.29.1 Released!

This Week in Matrix 2018-05-18

Introducing Matrix Specification Changes

This Week in Matrix 2018-05-11

GDPR Compliance in Matrix

This Week In Matrix – 2018-05-04

SECURITY UPDATE: Synapse 0.28.1

Synapse 0.28.0 Released!

This Week In Matrix – 2018-04-27

Matrix and Riot confirmed as the basis for France's Secure Instant Messenger app

This Week In Matrix - 2018-04-20

Synapse 0.27.3 released!

Synapse 0.27 released!

Urgent Synapse 0.26.1 hotfix out

Security update: Riot/Web 0.13.5 released - fixing XSS vulnerability

3D Video Calling with Matrix, WebRTC and WebVR at FOSDEM 2018!

Status partners up with New Vector, fueling decentralised comms and the Matrix ecosystem!

Synapse 0.26 released!

The Matrix Holiday Mini-Special (2017 edition)

Goto::Hack: Ver, Berlin, Jan 2-9: A week-long session on internet decentralization!

Synapse 0.25 is out... as is Matrix Specification 0.3(!!!)

Synapse 0.24 is here!

Announcing Matrix meetup in Berlin - Thursday October 19th!!

TADHack Global 2017 and THE Port 2017

Synapse 0.23 is out!

Matrix "Live"!

Experiments with Matrix for the Purism Librem5, starring Ubports and Nheko

Matrix & Riot for Cryptocurrency Communities


The Librem 5 from Purism: A Matrix Native Smartphone.

Introducing Matrix Widgets - including Jitsi video conferencing!

Thoughts on cryptocurrencies status update - July 2017

A Call to Arms: Supporting Matrix!

Synapse 0.22.0 released!

Synapse 0.21.1 released!

Use you a Matrix for Great Good!

Synapse 0.21.0 is released!

Update on homeserver reliability

Synapse 0.20.0 is released!

Opening up cyberspace with Matrix and WebVR!

Synapse 0.19.3 released

Dendrite receives its first messages!!!

An Adventure in IRC-Land

How do I bridge thee? Let me count the ways...

New bridged IRC network: GIMPNet

Google Summer of Code 2017

Synapse 0.19.2 is out

Load problems on the homeserver

Synapse 0.19.1 released

FOSDEM 2017 report

Synapse 0.19 is here, just in time for FOSDEM! homeserver outage (25th Jan 2017)

Synapse 0.18.7 is out - Please upgrade, especially if on 0.18.5 or 0.18.6.

The Matrix Holiday Special! (2016 edition)

Synapse 0.18.5 released!

matrix-appservice-irc 0.7.0 is out!

When Ericsson discovered Matrix...

Synapse 0.18.4

Matrix’s ‘Olm’ End-to-end Encryption security assessment released - and implemented cross-platform on Riot at last!

SSL Issues With Chromium

The Matrix Autumn Special!

Synapse Debian Package Security Announcement - and Synapse 0.18.3

TADHack Global 2016

Synapse v0.17.2 released!

Synapse v0.17.1 released!

Matrix-IRC Bridge reaches v0.4.0

Synapse 0.17.0 released!

Client-Server spec r0.2.0 released

Vector Android now also on F-Droid

Critical security vulnerability in Synapse 0.12 to 0.16.1 inclusive

Pre-Disclosure: Critical Security Issue in Synapse

The Matrix Summer Special!!

Next up: the first Decentralized Web Summit

Kamailio World 2016

Announcing the Matrix GSoC'ers!

GSoC update

TADHack-mini London winner

TADHack-mini London

Synapse 0.14 is released!

The Matrix Spring Special!

Matrix in Google Summer of Code!

Add Your Matrix Project

Android Matrix Console 0.5.3

Advanced Synapse setup with Let's Encrypt

Synapse 0.13 released!

Matrix in Japan!

FOSDEM '16 retrospective


Synapse 0.12 released!

The Matrix Holiday Special!

WebRTC Conference & Expo in Paris

Matrix at 32C3 Congress!

Matrix Console iOS 0.5.6

Android Matrix Console 0.5.2

Synapse 0.11.0 is here!

Redecentralize Conference - taking back the net

Android Matrix Console 0.5.1 released!

Congrats to our TADHack Matrix Winner!

TADHack Chicago - October 3-4

Matrix Console iOS 0.5.3

Upcoming conferences

VoIP calling now supported in Android Matrix Console!

Matrix: One year in.

Synapse 0.10.0 is released!!

Upcoming events

Micropub support as an Application Service!

Synapse 0.9.3 is out! (as of a few weeks ago)

Android Matrix Console 0.4.2 & 0.4.3

Android Matrix Console 0.4.1

The IRC bridge now bridges all of Freenode!

Android Matrix Console 0.4.0

Global TADHack Matrix hacks

Synapse 0.9.2 released

Introducing all new matrix-js-sdk v0.1.0

Global TADHack hackathon

Synapse 0.9.1 released

Matrix wins "Most Entertaining Demo" at Kamailio World!

Next up... Kamailio World!

Matrix wins Best of Show at WebRTC World!

Silicon Milkroundabout

Announcing Synapse 0.9.0 and Matrix Angular SDK 0.6.6!

Matrix at WebRTC Conference & Expo, Miami

iOS Console 0.4.0 released!

iOS: Welcome to MatrixKit

Monitoring Synapse Metrics with Prometheus

The All New Matrix-IRC Application Service

Matrix at Fluent

Back from the WebRTC and Kranky Geek conferences

TADHack-mini London completed

Android Console 0.3.0!

Looking forward to TADHack London!!

Video: IoT through Matrix

Synapse 0.8.1 is here!

TADHack-mini London

Matrix at Enterprise Connect 2015

Introducing Matrix Console for iOS (and Android) + Web client 0.6.5

Android 0.2.3 SDK and Application released

Synapse 0.8.0, Android 0.2.2 SDK & App, iOS 0.3.1 SDK & App, JavaScript SDK 0.0.1 released! (oh my!)

Introduction to Application Services

Welcoming the OpenMarket Matrix Gateway!

Matrix at Mobile World Congress 2015

Synapse 0.7.1 released - with Application Service API

Synapse 0.7.0 and matrix-angular-sdk 0.6.2 released!

iOS: SDK and Matrix Console 0.2.2 released

Back from FOSDEM!

Looking forward to FOSDEM!

Synapse 0.6.1 released and other news!

Matrix wins Best Innovation Award at WebRTC Paris!

Synapse 0.6.0a released!

Synapse 0.5.4 released

Bridging Matrix & SIP via Verto

Matrix on the Road #2 - A winning tour!

Synapse 0.5.3a released!

Don't miss Matrix in tonight's #vuc session!

Synapse enters beta with the release of v0.5.0!

Matrix on the road - September to November 2014

"What is The Matrix?"

Synapse 0.4.2 released!

Alpha builds of native mobile Matrix SDKs available... and Synapse 0.4.1 released!!

Who is

Synapse 0.3.4 released!

Synapse 0.3.3 released

Synapse 0.3.2 released

Synapse v0.2.3 released

Techcrunch Update!

High Level Overview

Synapse v0.2.2 released!

Why Matrix?

Welcome to the Matrix blog!

Hello world