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Synapse 1.19.2 released

16.09.2020 00:00 — Releases Neil Johnson

Synapse 1.19.2 is a security patch. All federating instances should upgrade immediately.

Today we are releasing Synapse 1.19.2, which is a security patch release containing a fix to encountering invalid events over federation. We are also putting out a fourth release candidate for the upcoming Synapse 1.20.0 release with the same fix.

The bug prevents affected Synapse instances from joining rooms with invalid events. Server administrators running federating instances are strongly encouraged to update as soon as possible.

Those on Synapse 1.19.1 or earlier should upgrade to Synapse 1.19.2, while those who are running a release candidate of Synapse 1.20.0 should upgrade to 1.20.0rc4.

Get the new releases from any of the usual sources mentioned at 1.19.2 is on github here, and 1.20.0rc4 is here.

The changelog for 1.19.2 is as follows:

Synapse 1.19.2 (2020-09-16)

Due to the issue below server admins are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible. Bugfixes

  • Fix joining rooms over federation that include malformed events. (#8324)

Synapse 1.19.1 released

27.08.2020 12:26 — Releases Brendan Abolivier

Synapse 1.19.1 is a bug fix release to fix two bugs introduced in 1.19.0.

Those two bugs were related to the new rate-limiter on room joins, which was introduced in 1.19.0.

The first bug caused Synapse to ignore exceptions to rate-limiting for application services.

The second one prevented profile updates from being correctly propagated across rooms.

Sorry if you have been bitten!

Get 1.19.1 from github or any of the sources mentioned at

Changelog since v1.19.0

Synapse 1.19.1 (2020-08-27)

No significant changes.

Synapse 1.19.1rc1 (2020-08-25)


  • Fix a bug introduced in v1.19.0 where appservices with ratelimiting disabled would still be ratelimited when joining rooms. (#8139)
  • Fix a bug introduced in v1.19.0 that would cause e.g. profile updates to fail due to incorrect application of rate limits on join requests. (#8153)

Synapse 1.19.0 released

17.08.2020 00:00 — Releases Neil Johnson

Synapse 1.19.0 is here and ready for action.

1.19.0 contains lots of async/await changes, 27 separate PRs to be precise(thanks Patrick). These changes will provide some level of performance improvement, but the real value to us is that it will improve our ability to profile Synapse more effectively.

It also features improved logging performance, this is in part to reduce IO but also to reduce the total amount logged. We’d be really interested to get some feedback on if the changes help. You may also want to take a look at our new logging defaults to see if they would help reduce total disk space usage.

Some admins will rejoice that we have added a /health end point to every configured HTTP listener which should make it easier to monitor multi-worker installs.

Finally 1.19.0 contains improvements to the Admin API allowing the admin to optionally purge rooms on deletion.

Get the new releases from any of the usual sources mentioned at 1.19.0 is on github here.

Changelog for 1.19.0 follows:

Synapse 1.19.0 (2020-08-17)

No significant changes since 1.19.0rc1.

Removal warning

As outlined in the previous release, we are no longer publishing Docker images with the -py3 tag suffix. On top of that, we have also removed the latest-py3 tag. Please see the announcement in the upgrade notes for 1.18.0.

Synapse 1.19.0rc1 (2020-08-13)


  • Add option to allow server admins to join rooms which fail complexity checks. Contributed by @lugino-emeritus. (#7902)
  • Add an option to purge room or not with delete room admin endpoint (POST /_synapse/admin/v1/rooms/<room_id>/delete). Contributed by @dklimpel. (#7964)
  • Add rate limiting to users joining rooms. (#8008)
  • Add a /health endpoint to every configured HTTP listener that can be used as a health check endpoint by load balancers. (#8048)
  • Allow login to be blocked based on the values of SAML attributes. (#8052)
  • Allow guest access to the GET /_matrix/client/r0/rooms/{room_id}/members endpoint, according to MSC2689. Contributed by Awesome Technologies Innovationslabor GmbH. (#7314)


  • Fix a bug introduced in Synapse v1.7.2 which caused inaccurate membership counts in the room directory. (#7977)
  • Fix a long standing bug: 'Duplicate key value violates unique constraint "event_relations_id"' when message retention is configured. (#7978)
  • Fix "no create event in auth events" when trying to reject invitation after inviter leaves. Bug introduced in Synapse v1.10.0. (#7980)
  • Fix various comments and minor discrepancies in server notices code. (#7996)
  • Fix a long standing bug where HTTP HEAD requests resulted in a 400 error. (#7999)
  • Fix a long-standing bug which caused two copies of some log lines to be written when synctl was used along with a MemoryHandler logger. (#8011, #8012)

Updates to the Docker image

Improved Documentation

  • Document how to set up a client .well-known file and fix several pieces of outdated documentation. (#7899)
  • Improve workers docs. (#7990, #8000)
  • Fix typo in docs/ (#7992)
  • Add documentation for how to undo a room shutdown. (#7998, #8010)

Internal Changes

  • Reduce the amount of whitespace in JSON stored and sent in responses. Contributed by David Vo. (#7372)
  • Switch to the JSON implementation from the standard library and bump the minimum version of the canonicaljson library to 1.2.0. (#7936, #7979)
  • Convert various parts of the codebase to async/await. (#7947, #7948, #7949, #7951, #7963, #7973, #7975, #7976, #7981, #7987, #7989, #8003, #8014, #8016, #8027, #8031, #8032, #8035, #8042, #8044, #8045, #8061, #8062, #8063, #8066, #8069, #8070)
  • Move some database-related log lines from the default logger to the database/transaction loggers. (#7952)
  • Add a script to detect source code files using non-unix line terminators. (#7965, #7970)
  • Log the SAML session ID during creation. (#7971)
  • Implement new experimental push rules for some users. (#7997)
  • Remove redundant and unreliable signature check for v1 Identity Service lookup responses. (#8001)
  • Improve the performance of the register endpoint. (#8009)
  • Reduce less useful output in the newsfragment CI step. Add a link to the changelog section of the contributing guide on error. (#8024)
  • Rename storage layer objects to be more sensible. (#8033)
  • Change the default log config to reduce disk I/O and storage for new servers. (#8040)
  • Add an assertion on prev_events in create_new_client_event. (#8041)
  • Add a comment to ServerContextFactory about the use of SSLv23_METHOD. (#8043)
  • Log OPTIONS requests at DEBUG rather than INFO level to reduce amount logged at INFO. (#8049)
  • Reduce amount of outbound request logging at INFO level. (#8050)
  • It is no longer necessary to explicitly define filters in the logging configuration. (Continuing to do so is redundant but harmless.) (#8051)
  • Add and improve type hints. (#8058, #8064, #8060, #8067)

Synapse 1.18.0 released

30.07.2020 18:34 — Releases Neil Johnson

Synapse 1.18.0 has landed.

The most important thing to know about 1.18.0 is that it contains support for sharding multiple workers. Specifically this means being able to run multiple federation senders, multiple client readers to handle registration and multiple push workers. This will be important for anyone running a large scale install of Synapse. You can read more about how to benefit from these changes in docs/ In the same spirit we also moved typing notifications from the main process.

Aside from that, we have new admin API support to list the users in a room, support for oEmbed for media previews (you can unfurl tweets again!) and a general slew of federation bug fixes.

Get the new releases from any of the usual sources mentioned at 1.18.0 is on github here.

Changelog for 1.18.0 follows:

Synapse 1.18.0 (2020-07-30)

Improved Documentation

  • Update worker docs with latest enhancements. (#7969)

Synapse 1.18.0rc2 (2020-07-28)


  • Fix an AssertionError exception introduced in v1.18.0rc1. (#7876)
  • Fix experimental support for moving typing off master when worker is restarted, which is broken in v1.18.0rc1. (#7967)

Internal Changes

  • Further optimise queueing of inbound replication commands. (#7876)

Synapse 1.18.0rc1 (2020-07-27)


  • Include room states on invite events that are sent to application services. Contributed by @Sorunome. (#6455)
  • Add delete room admin endpoint (POST /_synapse/admin/v1/rooms/<room_id>/delete). Contributed by @dklimpel. (#7613, #7953)
  • Add experimental support for running multiple federation sender processes. (#7798)
  • Add the option to validate the iss and aud claims for JWT logins. (#7827)
  • Add support for handling registration requests across multiple client reader workers. (#7830)
  • Add an admin API to list the users in a room. Contributed by Awesome Technologies Innovationslabor GmbH. (#7842)
  • Allow email subjects to be customised through Synapse's configuration. (#7846)
  • Add the ability to re-activate an account from the admin API. (#7847, #7908)
  • Add experimental support for running multiple pusher workers. (#7855)
  • Add experimental support for moving typing off master. (#7869, #7959)
  • Report CPU metrics to prometheus for time spent processing replication commands. (#7879)
  • Support oEmbed for media previews. (#7920)
  • Abort federation requests where the client disconnects before the ratelimiter expires. (#7930)
  • Cache responses to /_matrix/federation/v1/state_ids to reduce duplicated work. (#7931)


  • Fix detection of out of sync remote device lists when receiving events from remote users. (#7815)
  • Fix bug where Synapse fails to process an incoming event over federation if the server is missing too much of the event's auth chain. (#7817)
  • Fix a bug causing Synapse to misinterpret the value off for encryption_enabled_by_default_for_room_type in its configuration file(s) if that value isn't surrounded by quotes. This bug was introduced in v1.16.0. (#7822)
  • Fix bug where we did not always pass in app_name or server_name to email templates, including e.g. for registration emails. (#7829)
  • Errors which occur while using the non-standard JWT login now return the proper error: 403 Forbidden with an error code of M_FORBIDDEN. (#7844)
  • Fix "AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'get'" error message when applying per-room message retention policies. The bug was introduced in Synapse 1.7.0. (#7850)
  • Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.10.0 which could cause a "no create event in auth events" error during room creation. (#7854)
  • Fix a bug which allowed empty rooms to be rejoined over federation. (#7859)
  • Fix 'Unable to find a suitable guest user ID' error when using multiple client_reader workers. (#7866)
  • Fix a long standing bug where the tracing of async functions with opentracing was broken. (#7872, #7961)
  • Fix "TypeError in synapse.notifier" exceptions. (#7880)
  • Fix deprecation warning due to invalid escape sequences. (#7895)

Updates to the Docker image

  • Base docker image on Debian Buster rather than Alpine Linux. Contributed by @maquis196. (#7839)

Improved Documentation

  • Provide instructions on using register_new_matrix_user via docker. (#7885)
  • Change the sample config postgres user section to use synapse_user instead of synapse to align with the documentation. (#7889)
  • Reorder database paragraphs to promote postgres over sqlite. (#7933)
  • Update the dates of ACME v1's end of life in (#7934)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Remove unused synapse_replication_tcp_resource_invalidate_cache prometheus metric. (#7878)
  • Remove Ubuntu Eoan from the list of .deb packages that we build as it is now end-of-life. Contributed by @gary-kim. (#7888)

Internal Changes

  • Switch parts of the codebase from simplejson to the standard library json. (#7802)
  • Add type hints to the http server code and remove an unused parameter. (#7813)
  • Add type hints to synapse.api.errors module. (#7820)
  • Ensure that calls to json.dumps are compatible with the standard library json. (#7836)
  • Remove redundant retry_on_integrity_error wrapper for event persistence code. (#7848)
  • Consistently use db_to_json to convert from database values to JSON objects. (#7849)
  • Convert various parts of the codebase to async/await. (#7851, #7860, #7868, #7871, #7873, #7874, #7884, #7912, #7935, #7939, #7942, #7944)
  • Add support for handling registration requests across multiple client reader workers. (#7853)
  • Small performance improvement in typing processing. (#7856)
  • The default value of filter_timeline_limit was changed from -1 (no limit) to 100. (#7858)
  • Optimise queueing of inbound replication commands. (#7861)
  • Add some type annotations to HomeServer and BaseHandler. (#7870)
  • Clean up PreserveLoggingContext. (#7877)
  • Change "unknown room version" logging from 'error' to 'warning'. (#7881)
  • Stop using device_max_stream_id table and just use device_inbox.stream_id. (#7882)
  • Return an empty body for OPTIONS requests. (#7886)
  • Fix typo in generated config file. Contributed by @ThiefMaster. (#7890)
  • Import ABC from for Python 3.10 compatibility. (#7892)
  • Remove unused functions time_function, trace_function, get_previous_frames and get_previous_frame from synapse.logging.utils module. (#7897)
  • Lint the contrib/ directory in CI and linting scripts, add synctl to the linting script for consistency with CI. (#7914)
  • Use Element CSS and logo in notification emails when app name is Element. (#7919)
  • Optimisation to /sync handling: skip serializing the response if the client has already disconnected. (#7927)
  • When a client disconnects, don't log it as 'Error processing request'. (#7928)
  • Add debugging to /sync response generation (disabled by default). (#7929)
  • Update comments that refer to Deferreds for async functions. (#7945)
  • Simplify error handling in federation handler. (#7950)

Synapse 1.17.0 released

13.07.2020 16:38 — Releases Neil Johnson
Last update: 13.07.2020 16:21

Synapse 1.17.0 is here!

Hot on the heels of Synapse 1.16.1, 1.17.0 is a bug fix release most notably containing a fix for 'stuck invites' which happen when we are unable to reject a room invite received over federation.

Get the new releases from any of the usual sources mentioned at 1.17.0 is on github here.

Changelog for 1.17.0 follows:

Synapse 1.17.0 (2020-07-13)

Synapse 1.17.0 is identical to 1.17.0rc1, with the addition of the fix that was included in 1.16.1.

Synapse 1.17.0rc1 (2020-07-09)


  • Fix inconsistent handling of upper and lower case in email addresses when used as identifiers for login, etc. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#7021)
  • Fix "Tried to close a non-active scope!" error messages when opentracing is enabled. (#7732)
  • Fix incorrect error message when database CTYPE was set incorrectly. (#7760)
  • Fix to not ignore set_tweak actions in Push Rules that have no value, as permitted by the specification. (#7766)
  • Fix synctl to handle empty config files correctly. Contributed by @kotovalexarian. (#7779)
  • Fixes a long standing bug in worker mode where worker information was saved in the devices table instead of the original IP address and user agent. (#7797)
  • Fix 'stuck invites' which happen when we are unable to reject a room invite received over federation. (#7804, #7809, #7810)

Updates to the Docker image

  • Include libwebp in the Docker file to properly handle webp image uploads. (#7791)

Improved Documentation

  • Improve the documentation of the non-standard JSON web token login type. (#7776)
  • Update doc links for caddy. Contributed by Nicolai Søborg. (#7789)

Internal Changes

  • Refactor getting replication updates from database. (#7740)
  • Send push notifications with a high or low priority depending upon whether they may generate user-observable effects. (#7765)
  • Use symbolic names for replication stream names. (#7768)
  • Add early returns to _check_for_soft_fail. (#7769)
  • Fix up synapse.handlers.federation to pass mypy. (#7770)
  • Convert the appserver handler to async/await. (#7775)
  • Allow to use higher versions of prometheus_client <0.9.0 which are expected to introduce no breaking changes. Contributed by Oliver Kurz. (#7780)
  • Update linting scripts and codebase to be compatible with isort v5. (#7786)
  • Stop populating unused table local_invites. (#7793)
  • Ensure that strings (not bytes) are passed into JSON serialization. (#7799)
  • Switch from simplejson to the standard library json. (#7800)
  • Add signing_key property to HomeServer to save code duplication. (#7805)
  • Improve stacktraces from exceptions in background processes. (#7808)
  • Fix various spelling errors in comments and log lines. (#7811)

Synapse 1.16.0 released

08.07.2020 19:18 — Releases Neil Johnson
Last update: 08.07.2020 14:45

Synapse 1.16.0 is here!

Notable additions in 1.16.0 include:-

  • An important performance fix to improve room state resolution.
  • An option to enable e2e by default for new rooms.
  • Ability to run multiple media repo workers side by side.
  • Ability to mark specific content as being safe from quarantine.
  • Bug fixes to make migrating from SQLite to Postgres more reliable - if you are running sqlite for anything other than evaluation purposes then please migrate!

Note, we have deprecated the m.login.jwt login method in favour of org.matrix.login.jwt see the changelog for more details.


Get the new releases from any of the usual sources mentioned at 1.16.0 is on github here.

Changelog for 1.16.0 follows:

Synapse 1.16.0 (2020-07-08)

No significant changes since 1.16.0rc2.

Note that this release deprecates the m.login.jwt login method, renaming it to org.matrix.login.jwt, as m.login.jwt is not part of the Matrix spec. Otherwise the behaviour is identical. Synapse will accept both names for now, but this may change in a future release.

Synapse 1.16.0rc2 (2020-07-02)

Synapse 1.16.0rc2 includes the security fixes released with Synapse 1.15.2. Please see the 1.15.2 release notes for more details.

Improved Documentation

  • Update postgres image in example docker-compose.yaml to tag 12-alpine. (#7696)

Internal Changes

  • Add some metrics for inbound and outbound federation latencies: synapse_federation_server_pdu_process_time and synapse_event_processing_lag_by_event. (#7771)

Synapse 1.16.0rc1 (2020-07-01)


  • Add an option to enable encryption by default for new rooms. (#7639)
  • Add support for running multiple media repository workers. See docs/ for instructions. (#7706)
  • Media can now be marked as safe from quarantined. (#7718)
  • Expand the configuration options for auto-join rooms. (#7763)


  • Remove user_id from the response to GET /_matrix/client/r0/presence/{userId}/status to match the specification. (#7606)
  • In worker mode, ensure that replicated data has not already been received. (#7648)
  • Fix intermittent exception during startup, introduced in Synapse 1.14.0. (#7663)
  • Include a user-agent for federation and well-known requests. (#7677)
  • Accept the proper field (phone) for the identifier type. The legacy field of number is still accepted as a fallback. Bug introduced in v0.20.0. (#7687)
  • Fix "Starting db txn 'get_completed_ui_auth_stages' from sentinel context" warning. The bug was introduced in 1.13.0. (#7688)
  • Compare the URI and method during user interactive authentication (instead of the URI twice). Bug introduced in 1.13.0. (#7689)
  • Fix a long standing bug where the response to the GET room_keys/version endpoint had the incorrect type for the etag field. (#7691)
  • Fix logged error during device resync in opentracing. Broke in v1.14.0. (#7698)
  • Do not break push rule evaluation when receiving an event with a non-string body. This is a long-standing bug. (#7701)
  • Fixs a long standing bug which resulted in an exception: "TypeError: argument of type 'ObservableDeferred' is not iterable". (#7708)
  • The synapse_port_db script no longer fails when the ui_auth_sessions table is non-empty. This bug has existed since v1.13.0. (#7711)
  • Synapse will now fetch media from the proper specified URL (using the r0 prefix instead of the unspecified v1). (#7714)
  • Fix the tables ignored by synapse_port_db to be in sync the current database schema. (#7717)
  • Fix missing Content-Length on HTTP responses from the metrics handler. (#7730)
  • Fix large state resolutions from stalling Synapse for seconds at a time. (#7735, #7746)

Improved Documentation

  • Spelling correction in sample_config.yaml. (#7652)
  • Added instructions for how to use Keycloak via OpenID Connect to authenticate with Synapse. (#7659)
  • Corrected misspelling of PostgreSQL. (#7724)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate m.login.jwt login method in favour of org.matrix.login.jwt, as m.login.jwt is not part of the Matrix spec. (#7675)

Internal Changes

  • Refactor getting replication updates from database. (#7636)
  • Clean-up the login fallback code. (#7657)
  • Increase the default SAML session expiry time to 15 minutes. (#7664)
  • Convert the device message and pagination handlers to async/await. (#7678)
  • Convert typing handler to async/await. (#7679)
  • Require parameterized package version to be at least 0.7.0. (#7680)
  • Refactor handling of listeners configuration settings. (#7681)
  • Replace uses of six.iterkeys/iteritems/itervalues with keys()/items()/values(). (#7692)
  • Add support for using rust-python-jaeger-reporter library to reduce jaeger tracing overhead. (#7697)
  • Make Tox actions work on Debian 10. (#7703)
  • Replace all remaining uses of six with native Python 3 equivalents. Contributed by @ilmari. (#7704)
  • Fix broken link in sample config. (#7712)
  • Speed up state res v2 across large state differences. (#7725)
  • Convert directory handler to async/await. (#7727)
  • Move flake8 to the end of scripts-dev/ as it takes the longest and could cause the script to exit early. (#7738)
  • Explain the "test" conditional requirement for dependencies is not all of the modules necessary to run the unit tests. (#7751)
  • Add some metrics for inbound and outbound federation latencies: synapse_federation_server_pdu_process_time and synapse_event_processing_lag_by_event. (#7755)

Synapse 1.15.2 released with security fixes

02.07.2020 17:58 — Releases Richard van der Hoff

Folks, today we are releasing Synapse 1.15.2, which is a security release which contains fixes to two separate problems. We are also putting out the second release candidate for the forthcoming Synapse 1.16, including the same fixes.

Firstly, we have fixed a bug in the implementation of the room state resolution algorithm which could cause users to be unexpectedly ejected from rooms (Synapse issue #7742).

Secondly, we have improved the security of pages served as part of the Single-Sign-on login flows to prevent clickjacking attacks. Thank you to Quentin Gliech for reporting this.

We are not aware of either of these vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild, but we recommend that administrators upgrade as soon as possible. Those on Synapse 1.15.1 or earlier should upgrade to Synapse 1.15.2, while those who have already upgraded to Synapse 1.16.0rc1 should upgrade to 1.16.0rc2.

Get the new releases from any of the usual sources mentioned at 1.15.2 is on github here, and 1.16.0rc2 is here.

Changelog for 1.15.2 follows:

Synapse 1.15.2 (2020-07-02)

Due to the two security issues highlighted below, server administrators are encouraged to update Synapse. We are not aware of these vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild.

Security advisory

  • A malicious homeserver could force Synapse to reset the state in a room to a small subset of the correct state. This affects all Synapse deployments which federate with untrusted servers. (96e9afe6)

  • HTML pages served via Synapse were vulnerable to clickjacking attacks. This predominantly affects homeservers with single-sign-on enabled, but all server administrators are encouraged to upgrade. (ea26e9a9)

    This was reported by Quentin Gliech.

Synapse 1.15.1 released

16.06.2020 12:25 — Releases Neil Johnson

Synapse 1.15.1 is a bug fix release to fix two bugs introduced in 1.15.0.

The first prevented users of certain clients (including Riot) to add or remove third party identifiers such as email addresses.

The second caused Synapse not to start when configured with certain password auth providers.

Sorry if you have been bitten!

Get 1.15.1 from github or any of the sources mentioned at

Changelog since v1.15.0

Synapse 1.15.1 (2020-06-16)


  • Fix a bug introduced in v1.15.0 that would crash Synapse on start when using certain password auth providers. (#7684)
  • Fix a bug introduced in v1.15.0 which meant that some 3PID management endpoints were not accessible on the correct URL. (#7685)

Synapse 1.15.0 released

11.06.2020 18:27 — Releases Neil Johnson

Synapse 1.15.0 release day folks.

We continue our push to improve performance across the board. Factoring out event persistence into a separate worker pointed the way to a host of small but collectively important improvements. Expect further changes in coming releases.

Aside from that the admin API continues to grow (this time device management) and we have improved device list syncing to aid e2ee reliability.

We are receiving an increasing number of high quality PRs from the community, please keep them coming. Special thanks to cg505, dklimpel, WGH, olof and ilmari

Get 1.15.0 from github or any of the sources mentioned at

Changelog since v1.14.0

Synapse 1.15.0 (2020-06-11)

No significant changes.

Synapse 1.15.0rc1 (2020-06-09)


  • Advertise support for Client-Server API r0.6.0 and remove related unstable feature flags. (#6585)
  • Add an option to disable autojoining rooms for guest accounts. (#6637)
  • For SAML authentication, add the ability to pass email addresses to be added to new users' accounts via SAML attributes. Contributed by Christopher Cooper. (#7385)
  • Add admin APIs to allow server admins to manage users' devices. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#7481)
  • Add support for generating thumbnails for WebP images. Previously, users would see an empty box instead of preview image. Contributed by @WGH-. (#7586)
  • Support the standardized m.login.sso user-interactive authentication flow. (#7630)


  • Allow new users to be registered via the admin API even if the monthly active user limit has been reached. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#7263)
  • Fix email notifications not being enabled for new users when created via the Admin API. (#7267)
  • Fix str placeholders in an instance of PrepareDatabaseException. Introduced in Synapse v1.8.0. (#7575)
  • Fix a bug in automatic user creation during first time login with m.login.jwt. Regression in v1.6.0. Contributed by @olof. (#7585)
  • Fix a bug causing the cross-signing keys to be ignored when resyncing a device list. (#7594)
  • Fix metrics failing when there is a large number of active background processes. (#7597)
  • Fix bug where returning rooms for a group would fail if it included a room that the server was not in. (#7599)
  • Fix duplicate key violation when persisting read markers. (#7607)
  • Prevent an entire iteration of the device list resync loop from failing if one server responds with a malformed result. (#7609)
  • Fix exceptions when fetching events from a remote host fails. (#7622)
  • Make synctl restart start synapse if it wasn't running. (#7624)
  • Pass device information through to the login endpoint when using the login fallback. (#7629)
  • Advertise the m.login.token login flow when OpenID Connect is enabled. (#7631)
  • Fix bug in account data replication stream. (#7656)

Improved Documentation

  • Update the OpenBSD installation instructions. (#7587)
  • Advertise Python 3.8 support in (#7602)
  • Add a link to in the troubleshooting section of the README. (#7603)
  • Clarifications to the admin api documentation. (#7647)

Internal Changes

  • Convert the identity handler to async/await. (#7561)
  • Improve query performance for fetching state from a PostgreSQL database. Contributed by @ilmari. (#7567)
  • Speed up processing of federation stream RDATA rows. (#7584)
  • Add comment to systemd example to show postgresql dependency. (#7591)
  • Refactor Ratelimiter to limit the amount of expensive config value accesses. (#7595)
  • Convert groups handlers to async/await. (#7600)
  • Clean up exception handling in SAML2ResponseResource. (#7614)
  • Check that all asynchronous tasks succeed and general cleanup of MonthlyActiveUsersTestCase and TestMauLimit. (#7619)
  • Convert get_user_id_by_threepid to async/await. (#7620)
  • Switch to upstream dh-virtualenv rather than our fork for Debian package builds. (#7621)
  • Update CI scripts to check the number in the newsfile fragment. (#7623)
  • Check if the localpart of a Matrix ID is reserved for guest users earlier in the registration flow, as well as when responding to requests to /register/available. (#7625)
  • Minor cleanups to OpenID Connect integration. (#7628)
  • Attempt to fix flaky test: PhoneHomeStatsTestCase.test_performance_100. (#7634)
  • Fix typos of m.olm.curve25519-aes-sha2 and m.megolm.v1.aes-sha2 in comments, test files. (#7637)
  • Convert user directory, state deltas, and stats handlers to async/await. (#7640)
  • Remove some unused constants. (#7644)
  • Fix type information on assert_*_is_admin methods. (#7645)
  • Convert registration handler to async/await. (#7649)

Synapse 1.14.0 released

28.05.2020 17:45 — Releases Neil Johnson
Last update: 28.05.2020 17:23

Synapse 1.14.0 has landed.

This release contains OpenId Connect support, so that admins can configure a whole range of SSO options. We're really excited about what this means for helping users sign up and are considering it for

1.14.0 also contains finer grained cache configuration support, so that admins can tune caches in a more granular way. Our experience is that cache tuning can make a big difference to Synapse performance and over time we hope to continue improving cache tooling. Potentially we could even have caches auto-tune.

You'll also find support for rooms v6. v6 contains some small but important changes to improve the security of the room model. As with all room version upgrades we can't switch to v6 as the default version immediately since we need to build up a critical mass of servers that can support it. So upgrade and watch this space for when we switch over properly.

As an aside we continue to be very happy with using Redis for worker inter-communication and will likely recommend it for production use in the coming weeks.

Get 1.14.0 from github or any of the sources mentioned at

Changelog since v1.13.0

Synapse 1.14.0 (2020-05-28)

No significant changes.

Synapse 1.14.0rc2 (2020-05-27)


  • Fix cache config to not apply cache factor to event cache. Regression in v1.14.0rc1. (#7578)
  • Fix bug where ReplicationStreamer was not always started when replication was enabled. Bug introduced in v1.14.0rc1. (#7579)
  • Fix specifying individual cache factors for caches with special characters in their name. Regression in v1.14.0rc1. (#7580)

Improved Documentation

  • Fix the OIDC client_auth_method value in the sample config. (#7581)

Synapse 1.14.0rc1 (2020-05-26)


  • Synapse's cache factor can now be configured in homeserver.yaml by the caches.global_factor setting. Additionally, caches.per_cache_factors controls the cache factors for individual caches. (#6391)
  • Add OpenID Connect login/registration support. Contributed by Quentin Gliech, on behalf of les Connecteurs. (#7256, #7457)
  • Add room details admin endpoint. Contributed by Awesome Technologies Innovationslabor GmbH. (#7317)
  • Allow for using more than one spam checker module at once. (#7435)
  • Add additional authentication checks for event per MSC2209. (#7502)
  • Implement room version 6 per MSC2240. (#7506)
  • Add highly experimental option to move event persistence off master. (#7281, #7374, #7436, #7440, #7475, #7490, #7491, #7492, #7493, #7495, #7515, #7516, #7517, #7542)


  • Fix a bug where event updates might not be sent over replication to worker processes after the stream falls behind. (#7384)
  • Allow expired user accounts to log out their device sessions. (#7443)
  • Fix a bug that would cause Synapse not to resync out-of-sync device lists. (#7453)
  • Prevent rooms with 0 members or with invalid version strings from breaking group queries. (#7465)
  • Workaround for an upstream Twisted bug that caused Synapse to become unresponsive after startup. (#7473)
  • Fix Redis reconnection logic that can result in missed updates over replication if master reconnects to Redis without restarting. (#7482)
  • When sending events, omit displayname and avatar_url if they aren't set instead of setting them to null. Contributed by Aaron Raimist. (#7497)
  • Fix incorrect method label on synapse_http_matrixfederationclient_{requests,responses} prometheus metrics. (#7503)
  • Ignore incoming presence events from other homeservers if presence is disabled locally. (#7508)
  • Fix a long-standing bug that broke the update remote profile background process. (#7511)
  • Hash passwords as early as possible during password reset. (#7538)
  • Fix bug where a local user leaving a room could fail under rare circumstances. (#7548)
  • Fix "Missing RelayState parameter" error when using user interactive authentication with SAML for some SAML providers. (#7552)
  • Fix exception 'GenericWorkerReplicationHandler' object has no attribute 'send_federation_ack', introduced in v1.13.0. (#7564)
  • synctl now warns if it was unable to stop Synapse and will not attempt to start Synapse if nothing was stopped. Contributed by Romain Bouyé. (#6590)

Updates to the Docker image

  • Update docker runtime image to Alpine v3.11. Contributed by @Starbix. (#7398)

Improved Documentation

  • Update information about mapping providers for SAML and OpenID. (#7458)
  • Add additional reverse proxy example for Caddy v2. Contributed by Jeff Peeler. (#7463)
  • Fix copy-paste error in ServerNoticesConfig docstring. Contributed by @ptman. (#7477)
  • Improve the formatting of (#7514)
  • Change the systemd worker service to check that the worker config file exists instead of silently failing. Contributed by David Vo. (#7528)
  • Minor clarifications to the TURN docs. (#7533)

Internal Changes

  • Add typing annotations in synapse.federation. (#7382)
  • Convert the room handler to async/await. (#7396)
  • Improve performance of get_e2e_cross_signing_key. (#7428)
  • Improve performance of mark_as_sent_devices_by_remote. (#7429, #7562)
  • Add type hints to the SAML handler. (#7445)
  • Remove storage method get_hosts_in_room that is no longer called anywhere. (#7448)
  • Fix some typos in the notice_expiry templates. (#7449)
  • Convert the federation handler to async/await. (#7459)
  • Convert the search handler to async/await. (#7460)
  • Add type hints to synapse.event_auth. (#7505)
  • Convert the room member handler to async/await. (#7507)
  • Add type hints to room member handler. (#7513)
  • Fix typing annotations in tests.replication. (#7518)
  • Remove some redundant Python 2 support code. (#7519)
  • All endpoints now respond with a 200 OK for OPTIONS requests. (#7534, #7560)
  • Synapse now exports detailed allocator statistics and basic GC timings as Prometheus metrics (pypy_gc_time_seconds_total and pypy_memory_bytes) when run under PyPy. Contributed by Ivan Shapovalov. (#7536)
  • Remove Ubuntu Cosmic and Disco from the list of distributions which we provide .debs for, due to end-of-life. (#7539)
  • Make worker processes return a stubbed-out response to GET /presence requests. (#7545)
  • Optimise some references to hs.config. (#7546)
  • On upgrade room only send canonical alias once. (#7547)
  • Fix some indentation inconsistencies in the sample config. (#7550)
  • Include in type checking. (#7553)
  • Fix some test code to not mangle stacktraces, to make it easier to debug errors. (#7554)
  • Refresh apt cache when building dh_virtualenv docker image. (#7555)
  • Stop logging some expected HTTP request errors as exceptions. (#7556, #7563)
  • Convert sending mail to async/await. (#7557)
  • Simplify reap_monthly_active_users. (#7558)