Featured clients

Clients are needed to chat using Matrix. Here is a selection of the most mature ones you can safely use.

All known clients

Here we list all the clients the Foundation is aware of, with a maturity score and a list of important features they support or not to help you pick the best for you.

The clients must support all of the platforms checked.

The client can support any of the maturity levels checked.

The client can support any of the licences checked.

The client must support all of the features checked.

mnotify Logo


A matrix cli client

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Cinny Logo


A Matrix client focusing primarily on simple, elegant and secure interface.

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Nheko Logo


Desktop client for Matrix using Qt and C++20.

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gomuks Logo


A terminal Matrix client written in Go.

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Element X Logo

Element X

Element X is pioneering the Matrix 2.0 implementation, notably supporting fast sync with sliding sync.

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chatty Logo


A simple to use messaging app for 1:1 communication and small groups supporting SMS, MMS, matrix and XMPP through libpurple.

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Watch The Matrix Logo

Watch The Matrix

A Matrix client for watchOS written in Swift

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Quadrix Logo


Minimal Matrix client available in all main app stores

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kazv Logo


A convergent Matrix client and secure messaging app

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SchildiChat Logo


Based on Element, with a more traditional instant messaging experience.

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Element Logo


Element is a glossy client with an emphasis on performance and usability.

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matrix-commander Logo


Simple but convenient CLI-based Matrix client app for sending and receiving.

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