Matrix Live

Every Friday we release a new episode of Matrix Live, to talk about the status of Matrix, what's happening in the ecosystem and more. If you're interested in following the development of the protocol, what actors of the Matrix ecosystem are working on, or if you want to have a glimpse at the new features coming in your favourite Matrix clients, Matrix Live is for you!

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Open Tech Will Save Us

Every last Wednesday of the month, at 18:00 Paris time we broadcasted Open Tech Will Save Us, our live show with guests from the broader open source world. We try to understand the social impact of software and how open source can make it more positive.

This show is for every open source enthusiast, whether they want to hear about the latest Thunderbird release or why single-sign-on is such a big deal in the corporate world.

Head to the Open Tech Will Save Us page to catch up with the previous issues. Open Tech Will Save Us is currently paused, and will be resumed once we have enough resources to restart it. If OTWSU was valuable to you and you can afford it, please head to the support page and consider contributing to our sustainability.