This year again the Matrix Foundation and Community will have plenty of opportunities to meet at FOSDEM! Together with our awesome community, we’re organising a FOSDEM Fringe Event before FOSDEM itself, we will have a booth to meet everyone and spread the word about Matrix, and a devroom to go more in depth on Matrix topics.

Fringe Event

The fantastic folks of HSBXL accepted to host us this year again for a community “Fringe” event the day before FOSDEM. We will meet on Friday 2, starting at 13:00 CET for a BarCamp. It’s a sort of informal conference where people can meet, talk, and decide informally of an agenda for the afternoon. There are excellent illustrated directions on to be sure you find the way to HSBXL, situated at Rue de la Petite Île 1, 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels. You can join us already in the #fosdem2024-foundation-community-meetup room to talk about practical matters, or chat early.

We will likely do a Matrix Live Live, live streamed from the hackerspace The format is not set in stone (it’s a BarCamp!) but it will very probably contain a presentation about the future of the Foundation, and potentially demos and more speakers from the audience. We’re looking forward to meeting you there and I’m sure we will have plenty of great conversations given how vibrant the ecosystem is.

A warm thank you to Nordeck, FUTO and Famedly who are sponsoring this event, allowing us to offer free drinks and pizzas to the audience! Massive thanks to the HSBXL gang, and to Kim and Yan who coordinated the organisation of the fringe event!

Booth at FOSDEM

We were granted a booth for Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 at FOSDEM, covering the whole conference. With a dozen volunteers on a stand from several organisations working on the Matrix ecosystem, we are more than ready to welcome you for a chat, to show you what cool things Matrix can do, or to help you around with Matrix. Come by our stand for a nice talk, or to buy some merch!

You will be able to meet us, learn more about Matrix, or even talk about your projects with us in building K, level 2. The full list of stands is published on FOSDEM’s website.

Devroom at FOSDEM

Finally, in addition to the BarCamp and the booth, we have a devroom on Sunday 4 afternoon, starting at 13:00 CET. State of Matrix, Matrix as a potential answer to Digital Market Act, widgets, moving communities, and more: we have a full schedule covering all the hot Matrix topics!

You can find the full schedule of the Matrix devroom on FOSDEM’s website, and you can add it to your calendar automatically with this ics.

Main track talk

Finally, Matthew submitted a talk to the main track with his Spec Core Team lead hat on, and it was accepted! On Sunday 5, at 10:00 in Janson you will be able to hear him talk about how Matrix is “Opening up communication silos with Matrix 2.0 and the EU Digital Markets Act”

The team is looking forward to seeing you in Brussels!

The Foundation needs you

The Foundation is a non-profit and only relies on donations to operate. Its core mission is to maintain the Matrix Specification, but it does much more than that.

It maintains the homeserver and hosts several bridges for free. It fights for our collective rights to digital privacy and dignity.

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