Hey all,

Matrix 1.8 is out now! The last release, Matrix 1.7, was full of features and laid out a plan for what Matrix 1.8 was expected to become. We spent most of our time focusing on the MSC3995-related MSCs from that original plan, but made an effort to get the other stuff looked at as well.

With this release we see a total of 9 MSCs achieve their formally adopted status. The full changelog at the bottom has all the details, but please read on for what’s new in room version 11, and Matrix 1.9’s roadmap :)

Room version 11

Matrix 1.8 features a new room version! Normally a room version wouldn’t have a particular theme, but for v11 we aimed to clean up the different algorithms and event format details. After 10 prior room versions there were some artifacts of the past sticking around (but not causing problems necessarily) - many of them are cleaned up here.

Specified originally as MSC3820, v11 introduces the following changes:

  • MSC2174 - Move redacts to the content of m.room.redaction events.
  • MSC2175 - Remove creator from m.room.create events (use sender instead).
  • MSC3989 - Remove origin from events.
  • MSC2176, MSC3821 - General updates to redaction algorithm.

Alongside being a cleanup room version, v11 is the initial base we used for our efforts in the IETF world. It provides an easier starting point for new server implementations, particularly when paired with Linearized Matrix (described as both an IETF Internet-Draft and MSC3995).

In future room versions the cleanup effort will continue, alongside additional features for supporting the IETF use cases. Watch this space for updates.

Upcoming in Matrix 1.9

We’re continuing the trend of planning ahead and have the following themes planned for work in Matrix 1.9:

  • Anything required by the MIMI/IETF efforts we’re undertaking. This currently includes:
    • Extensible Events
    • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC; new MSC expected)
    • Next generation of Linearized Matrix (already)
    • MSC4044 and MSC4045
    • Binary-encoded events (maybe, but probable)
    • Canonical DMs (maybe)
    • Sending events as rooms/servers instead of just users (maybe)
    • Further room version cleanup as needed
  • Merging MSC3939.
  • Accepting a combination of MSC2545, MSC1951, MSC3892, and MSC4027. This may involve creating a new MSC to cover the functionality of each, plus the needful for IETF and Extensible Events efforts.
  • Merging MSC3391 (time permitting).

A lot of this stuff might take the shape of opening MSCs or thinking about the problems, but we’re also very optimistic about getting them through FCP before November 2023. Watch this space for updates :)

The full changelog

There’s so many more things than what we covered in this blog post - flip through the changelog below for a full idea of what’s landed.

Client-Server API

Backwards Compatible Changes

  • Require callers to be joined to the room to report its events, as per MSC2249. (#1517)

Spec Clarifications

  • Fix missing type property in the JSON schema definition of the m.reaction event. Contributed by @chebureki. (#1552)
  • Make sure examples types match schema in definitions. (#1563)
  • Allow null in room_types in POST /publicRooms endpoints schemas. (#1564)
  • Fix broken header formatting. Contributed by @midnightveil. (#1578)
  • Render binary request and response bodies. (#1579)
  • Fix description of MAC calculation in SAS verification. (#1590)
  • Update link to SAS emoji definition data. (#1593)
  • Fix various typos throughout the specification. (#1597)

Server-Server API


  • Deprecate matrix SRV lookup steps during server discovery, as per MSC4040. (#1624)

Backwards Compatible Changes

  • Add matrix-fed SRV lookup steps to server discovery, as per MSC4040. (#1624)

Spec Clarifications

  • Document why /state_ids can respond with a 404. (#1521)
  • Fix response definition for POST /_matrix/federation/v1/user/keys/claim. (#1559)
  • Fix examples in server keys definition. (#1560)
  • Make sure examples types match schema in definitions. (#1563)
  • Allow null in room_types in POST /publicRooms endpoints schemas. (#1564)
  • Fix broken header formatting. Contributed by @midnightveil. (#1578)
  • Remove spurious mention of a "default port" with respect to SRV record lookup. (#1615)
  • Switch to ordered list for server name resolution steps. (#1623)

Application Service API

Spec Clarifications

  • Fix type of custom fields in thirdparty lookup queries. (#1584)

Identity Service API

Spec Clarifications

  • Make sure examples types match schema in definitions. (#1563)

Push Gateway API

No significant changes.

Room Versions

Backwards Compatible Changes

  • Add room version 11 as per MSC3820. (#1604)
  • Move redacts from top level to content on m.room.redaction events in room version 11, as per MSC2174. (#1604)
  • Remove creator from m.room.creator events in room version 11, as per MSC2175. (#1604)
  • Remove remaining usage of origin from events in room version 11, as per MSC3989. (#1604)
  • Update the redaction rules in room version 11, as per MSC2176 and MSC3821. (#1604)


Backwards Compatible Changes

Spec Clarifications

  • Clarify spec re canonical JSON to handle negative-zero; also, give an example of negative-zero and a large power of ten. (#1573)

Internal Changes/Tooling

Backwards Compatible Changes

  • Upgrade Swagger data to OpenAPI 3.1. (#1310)
  • Create @matrix-org/spec npm package to ship the SAS Emoji data definitions & translations. (#1620)

Spec Clarifications

  • Update the CI to validate the file extension of changelog entries. (#1542)
  • Disclosure sections now only display their title when collapsed. (#1549)
  • Fix the sidebar in recent versions of Hugo. (#1551)
  • Bump jsonschema to validate JSON Schemas against Draft 2020-12. (#1556)
  • Use Redocly CLI to validate OpenAPI definitions. (#1558)
  • Use tag name as the OpenAPI definition version. (#1561)
  • Make sure version in x-changedInMatrixVersion is a string. (#1562)
  • Clarify usage of ABNF for grammar in the documentation style guide. (#1582)
  • Remove unnecessary oneOfs in JSON schemas. (#1585)
  • Update the version of Hugo used to render the spec to v0.113.0. (#1591)
  • Fix rendered changelog with new version of towncrier. (#1598)
  • Improve the layout of tables on desktop displays. Contributed by Martin Fischer. (#1601)

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