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FOSDEM 2024 Wrap Up

08.02.2024 16:00 — FOSDEM Thib

This year again the Foundation was at FOSDEM, and what a huge energy boost it has been for us! Between a Fringe Event for the Matrix community to gather, a booth where the vast majority of people came by to show their support for our work, a devroom with four hours of awesome Matrix content, and last but not least a main track talk where Matthew covered what we had been doing for the past year… It has been a very intense weekend!

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Meet us at FOSDEM

11.01.2024 00:00 — FOSDEM Thib

This year again the Matrix Foundation and Community will have plenty of opportunities to meet at FOSDEM! Together with our awesome community, we’re organising a FOSDEM Fringe Event before FOSDEM itself, we will have a booth to meet everyone and spread the word about Matrix, and a devroom to go more in depth on Matrix topics.

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FOSDEM 2023: Matrix’s first physical devroom

09.02.2023 21:12 — conferences Thib
Last update: 09.02.2023 17:02

For the past two years, FOSDEM couldn’t happen in-person. Fortunately we could help, and Matrix hosted the world's largest free & open source software conference online! This year we were finally back in-person… but not only.

The set-up we have arranged in 2021 and polished in 2022 has proved to be robust and served us well during the pandemic. Returning to an in-person conference didn’t mean we had to throw it all away… quite the opposite!

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