Writing a good "This Week in Matrix" entry

This Week in Matrix (TWIM) is a weekly digest on the blog in which anyone can post small concise updates about their Matrix projects, events and happenings. Those updates are collected through the Matrix room #thisweekinmatrix:matrix.org and published every Friday on the matrix.org blog. It aims to allow the community to show off their work in the Matrix ecosystem.


There are some guidelines you should be aware of before publishing your update to TWIM:

Like all things on matrix.org your post has to follow and comply with the Matrix.org Code of Conduct. Additionally the editors can decline entries related to dangerous or unethical software.


For publishing to TWIM all you need is a Matrix account and participate in the #thisweekinmatrix:matrix.org Matrix room.

After joining you should start your post with a mention of the user "TWIM". Easiest to do this is to use your client's mention completion feature. After that mention everything contained in the message will be part of the entry. If you want to post more than one project please submit individual entries, one for each project.

Images and other media are supported as well. To add them you should react with on your media file. Please make sure to do this right after submitting your text so it gets added to the correct entry and not to another project of yours.

How to make it a good entry

Making a good entry can have some challenges. Below are some recommendations to help the editors to lower their workload when publishing the post.


The bot expects markdown as part of the plaintext event body. Please use a client which sends the markdown formatted text in the "plaintext" body. While we currently accept other formats as well it will add manual work for the post by a human.

Do not treat it as a Changelog

Copying a Changelog is easy but not what TWIM is about. Ideally we prefer posts which are a few paragraphs long outlining some highlights over a long detailed list. This makes it more readable to humans. You may of course still link to the changelog.

Add images or videos

Adding images or a demo to your post can help explaining the feature to other people. It also can help getting people interested in your project.

Many times people will ask about things published in TWIM. Often times people will use the TWIM Matrix room itself to do that. However often time it would have been a better choice to instead ask inside of a project room where the devs are present.

Correct usage of Headers

As the TWIM helper bot takes messages as verbatim, it is helpful to the editors to use the right header level.

We recommend H3 (### in markdown) for the project title and H4 (####in markdown) for all titles below it. This way there is only minor human interaction necessary or none at all.

Additionally please do not use headers for links but instead use bold links if you want to highlight the links.

Correct linking

Due to the static site generator matrix.org is using, we require bare links to be surrounded by <>. Most matrix clients dont do this. If you are able to add those around links it would help us.

Reactions and adding a project to the bot

For regular projects the bot can additionally to emoji reactions also recognise projects. This helps because there will be a short project description as well as a link to the project at the start of the entry.

To add your project to this list please head over to the configuration file which holds this information. Please be aware that it may take some time for changes to get reflected in the room.

You can also take a look at the same configuration file to see which reaction has which meaning. It can help us to also choose the correct category for your project. However note that ultimately the TWIM editors are the ones deciding on the category for a project.