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Matrix at FOSDEM 2020

2020-02-03 — Events — Matthew Hodgson

Hi all,

We're just back from an incredible time at FOSDEM 2020 - Europe's biggest Free & Open Source Software conference. Huge huge thanks to everyone who came to our talks (sorry if you couldn't get in :/), came to talk to us at the stand, or flagged us down to give feedback, chase PRs, file bugs, or just say thanks. Thanks also to FOSDEM to accepting all of our talks this year, and to the FOSDEM organisers for pulling together yet another amazing event :)

We ended up with three talks:

We'll do a proper blog write-up on enabling E2E encryption by default, cross-signing, and all the other E2E encryption work that's been going on once we ship the stable release - but as of Saturday(!) it has landed on Riot/Web Develop, RiotX/Android (0.14.2) and Riot/iOS develop TestFlight, but we're still debugging and we need a bit longer before cutting the final releases.

So, until then, please take a look at the videos if you missed the livestream or weren't at the event!

The FOSDEM video recording lost the slides for the bridging talk - but luckily the presentation itself is a Matrix client and so you can view the slides yourself right here!.

Here's to FOSDEM 2021!

TADHack Global 2017 and THE Port 2017

2017-10-11 — Events — Luke Barnard

TADHack Global 2017

At the end of September, TADHack Global was held where almost 150 teams spent their weekends hacking towards the $45k total prize money up for grabs. Luke spent the final day of the hack talking to teams hacking at IDEALondon in Shoreditch, meeting a few Matrix enthusiasts and long-time collaborators.

Out of 10 hacks, 2 of 4 local winners won prizes locally and went on to be global winners alongside 6 other teams using Matrix as part of their hacks. Checkout the TADHack London Wrap-up for details on all of the awesome hacks, especially Aviral Dasgupta's Pushtime and

Well done to everyone who took part, and a special thanks to those flying Matrix :)

THE Port 2017

The following weekend was THE Port 2017, a humanitarian-themed hackathon held at CERN, Geneva in Switzerland. Among the 7 teams participating, the Matrix team consisted of a few software developers from Bity including Matrix enthusiast Alejandro Avilés (who very kindly helped us get a team into the hackathon). Luke and Dave from the Matrix London office also flew out to help the cause and by the end had a very stable, working prototype by the end of the competition.

The hack we made was a communications system backed by Matrix for use in refugee camps, an idea that hatched at the start of the hackathon (whereas the other projects were well established ideas up to 6 weeks before the event). Check out the code on GitHub if you're interested in the client-side apps we made over the weekend.

It was another fun weekend for the Matrix team and we look forward to the next one. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming Matrix events!

Next up: the first Decentralized Web Summit

2016-05-24 — Events — Oddvar Lovaas

The original promise of the Internet was to be an interoperable platform for distributing data. However, we have since increasingly seen our data fragmented and trapped in a number of proprietary silos. Matrix hopes to fix this by being a federated, open standard for data exchange that any service can use.

The Decentralized Web Summit is a meetup for anyone interested in building the Decentralized Web, which aims to make the Web open, secure and free of censorship by distributing data, processing, and hosting across millions of computers around the world, with no centralized control. It takes place at the Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA on Wednesday June 8 and Thursday June 9, 2016.

Matrix will be represented at the event, and we hope to also host a workshop or a talk about Matrix.

The meetup has a Slack room set up for pre-meetup conversations - you can also access this room via Matrix:

We are looking forward to interesting people and interesting conversations at the first Decentralized Web Summit!

TADHack-mini London winner

2016-04-13 — Events — Oddvar Lovaas

TADHack-mini took place in east London over the weekend with 88 people in attendance. There were $8k in prizes, and five different services to hack on. This time, we didn't have too many people using Matrix in their hack, but we did have an excellent idea and implementation called Babelonio, who won our prize: a Phantom X Hexapod Mk3!


Babelonio adds speech-to-text and translation via Google translate to Matrix, via the Vector client and a Chrome extension. This is quite nice, because it means you don't have to run a custom client. And by using Google translate, you immediately get access to a lot of languages (although sometimes the translation doesn't quite work, as you can see in the presentation video). The project was done by Steven Bakker, Timo Uelen and Bart Uelen. You can see the presentation and demo of the hack here.

A good write-up of all the hacks and winners can be found on the TADHack blog.

Thanks to the TADHack organisers for another fine event, and also to everyone who came over to chat about Matrix - and again congratulations to the Babelonio team:


FOSDEM '16 retrospective

2016-02-03 — Events — Oddvar Lovaas

The Matrix team had a very successful trip to FOSDEM '16 last weekend. Many, many words were exchanged, and at times there was a queue of people just waiting to have a chat! We spoke to a whole lot of interested and interesting people, some of which had heard of Matrix already, and some who hadn't. The nice thing with the crowd at FOSDEM is that they very quickly "get" what we're trying to do with Matrix - and then start thinking aloud about how they might want to use it or extend it - which means we have many great conversations!

At the beginning of FOSDEM, I think we had around 2000 people "currently" in the Matrix HQ room - the next day, that number had increased by a hundred (and now it's even bigger due to a hackernews post where we mentioned Matrix)!

Our talk in the IoT dev room was very popular; unfortunately a lot of people that were queueing to get in never made it due to the limited space. However, the talk was recorded, and it's already been made available:

(Click here to download the video)

You can also look at the slides from the talk. Note that due to technical problems, the first half of the talk was not recorded.

We also did a talk in the Real Time dev room, which was equally popular. Hopefully the video from this talk will also be available shortly (you can keep an eye on the video repository for this dev room) - once it is, I will add it to this post.

For now, you can look at the slides from the talk.

Another interesting talk where Matrix ended up being represented, was Daniel Pocock's Improving Telepathy talk. I'll add the video from that too, once it's available.

Finally, thanks to everyone who came to say hello and have a chat - and to everyone who has since set up their own homeserver. Please do join the Matrix HQ room (using any of these clients) and let us know how your Matrix experience is going!


2016-01-18 — Events — Oddvar Lovaas



Matrix will again be represented at FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting) in Brussels, Belgium, January 30th and 31st. This year, we have two talks scheduled: one in the IoT devroom on Saturday at noon, and one in the Real Time devroom at 3.10pm the same day.

We also have a stand on the 2nd floor of the K building - next to the Real Time lounge (potentially same spot as last year). If you're going to FOSDEM, please come and say hi to us at the stand or at the talks!

Our trip to FOSDEM '15 was very enjoyable; we met a lot of smart people and learnt about a lot of interesting technologies and projects. Hopefully we made a few people enthusiastic about Matrix as well!

As always, for any questions or comments, please come talk to us in the official Matrix HQ room - you can join via any of these clients (or write your own!).

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